Congratulations to Chen Zhao for receiving the 2020 Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Young Investigator Award

Chen Zhao – The Bao Gyo Jung Research Award MENTOR: Aleksander S. Popel, Ph.D. Chen’s research focuses on macrophages, which are a class of innate immune cells that play essential roles in the progression of a variety of major human diseases. Chen’s research project is to build multiscale computational models to mechanistically simulate and investigate… Read more »

‘Google Maps’ for Cancer: Image-Based Computer Model Reveals Finer Details of Tumor Blood Flow Behavior

Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers develop an image-based computer model of tumor behavior that captures more of the complexity of cancer growth Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers say they have developed something akin to a “Google Maps” approach for more accurately computing and visualizing the structural and functional blood vessel changes needed for tumor growth. By pairing… Read more »

Experimental drug delivers one-two punch to vision loss

In studies with lab-grown human cells and in mice, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers have found that an experimental drug may be twice as good at fighting vision loss as previously thought. The new research shows that the compound, named AXT107, stops abnormal blood vessels in the eye from leaking vision-blocking fluids. These results build on… Read more »

Johns Hopkins researchers discover that an FDA-approved HIV drug may be useful in treating breast cancer metastasis

Lymphatic endothelial cells play a key role in orchestrating metastatic colonization of such organs as lymph nodes and lungs in breast cancer, Johns Hopkins researchers have found in their preclinical mouse research; they also identified FDA-approved drugs used for other indications (repurposed drugs) that could be used to inhibit or prevent metastasis. This is very… Read more »

Aleksander Popel: halting cancer’s spread

Cancer is an invasive and insidious disease. The biochemical mysteries of how it occurs, grows and spreads are areas of intense study in cancer centers and bioscience labs across the world, but engineers also are applying their particular perspectives to understanding and stopping cancer in its tracks. Aleksander Popel, PhD, a professor of biomedical engineering… Read more »

Reversing the loss of sight

A novel peptide and drug delivery system developed by a trio of Johns Hopkins researchers is close to improving vision care for millions of people who suffer from degenerative retinal diseases, such as wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic macular edema, and diabetic retinopathy. On the eighth floor of the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute, the… Read more »